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we give them a proper time to learn new things


develop essential knowledge through books that talk


To promote innovation and excellence in education through teaching and learning.


We are committed in providing our students the best education possible.


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School Readiness

The Compugeek Child Development and Early Learning Framework represent the foundation of the Head Start Approach to School Readiness. It aligns with and builds from the five essential, or core, domains of birth to five school readiness’s, to identify critical areas of learning and development for 3 to 5 year children, including dual language learners and children with disabilities. The Framework guides curriculum selection, implementation, and assessment and can be used when planning and assessing teaching and learning experiences and children’s progress toward school readiness goals.


The Head Start Program staff determines a child is up-to-date on a schedule of well-child care; ensures that each child has a source of continuous, accessible, coordinated care that serves as a “medical home.” Well-child care includes scheduled age appropriate preventive and primary health care including medical, dental, and mental health care.

Mental Health

Focus on enhancing awareness and understanding of mental wellness and the contribution that mental health information and services can make to the wellness of all.


Head Start has been known for its “inclusive” policies. That is, children with disabilities have been enrolled, and an educational program has been provided to meet their individual needs



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